Why you should consider permanent living in Brazil


If you are planning to move to a different country, but you don’t know which one to choose, you should know that Brazil is a wonderful place. It is very important to think very well before investing in a different country because you have to make sure that you will meet with success there. However, Brazil seems to be a very good option because it is developing very fast and it is a large country, full of historical sites and with an interesting culture. You have so many investment opportunities in Brazil and specialists believe that modernization will appear in the close future. Many other foreigners are planning to invest there too since some areas are full of potential. Salvador Bahia is the third largest city and it was also the first capital of Brazil. Richard Bowles  is the managing director of Bay View Projetos Ltd who has developed a very attractive project based on property investments in Brazil. You should take advantage of this opportunity and decide if you have strong reasons to invest in one of those properties.

The Road Bridge linking Salvador to the island of Itaparica

Salvador Bahia is a very special city, with a beautiful architecture and historical monuments. The Chinese government has seen a great potential in that area and this is the reason why an agreement was signed. Very soon, a 12-km bridge will be built to link the Salvador Bahia to Itaparica, a ravishing island. Well, have you ever thought how wonderful it could be to live or to have a holiday house on an island? If not, you should consider this possibility because a new and wonderful community is currently in construction and the great thing is that the prices are lower than you have thought. You have so many reasons to do that because the bridge will totally change the statute of the island. The inhabitants of Itaparica will have the possibility to travel to Salvador Bahia without it being necessary to use prehistoric boats or to spend long hours on the road. It means that the island will become a suburb of Salvador and it will become extremely popular. There are so many other advantages of living there, but it should be mentioned that many luxury apartments will be built and they will come together with individual title deeds.

Beachfront land – a great attraction

Itaparica will become a perfect place for middle classes and for people who want to live there peacefully and happily. If you are dreaming about a luxurious life with spectacular opportunities, you should know that amazing beach resorts would be constructed in the future. Therefore, you will have the chance to relax and enjoy beautiful weather without driving long hours or waiting in an endless queue. It would be so easy to arrive to Salvador for work or simply for fun thanks to the fact that the bridge will make the ride smoother. Salvador has attracted a huge number of International developers in the recent years, so it will develop even more.