Why having a colleague at the student housing is better than staying single


So, you have doubts if you should choose a student housing accommodation which could be shared with a roommate, or rent one which allows you to stay by your own. This article would help you understand why it is advisable to have a colleague with who to share the room, because staying alone might be quite boring sometimes. When you have roommates you love them, hate them or you are somewhere between, but you would not face boredom anyway. Before booking any type of student housing Newcastle you should take a look below to see why the majority of students prefer to have a roommate.

You can make new friends

Not only that you wold have a new friend, your roommate, but you have the possibility to get along with his or her friends, and have a lot of fun together. The only condition is for you to get along with the colleague, so make sure that you try to understand why they are acting as they do, and realise that you have your own flaws. In this way, the circle of friends and acquaintances would immediately double, and you would always remember these years.

They could help you deal with difficult situations

During college years, you would have to deal with many uncomfortable situations, and if you want to have someone who could help you in these cases, then you should consider opting for a student accommodation facility, which allows you having a colleague.  For example, if you find yourself on a bad date you would only have to send a message and there would be a call for you asking for you to come and help a friend in an emergency situation.

You can share things

And this means that you can share from food, to clothes and even bathing gels. You might be lucky and have a roommate who comes from holiday with a lot of cookies and he or she is not able to eat them all. Some students even have cooking skills, so you might have a roommate who is willing to cook and share his or her food with you.

You save money

Having a roommate helps you save lot of money, because you would not share only the rent, but you would share the other costs too. Cleaning products are quite expensive, and you would have to spend your entire budget if you were to buy them on yourself, but with a colleague, you can spend less.