What should you know before renting a storage unit?


Perhaps you are moving into a smaller house and there’s not enough room for all of your belongings, or your garage might have started to become overcrowded and you are not willing to through anything away, regardless of why you might need to rent a storage unit, you will find a wide list of options available. However, in order to spend your money wisely and to make the best choice in this department, there are some things you should know in advance, so keep reading:

Start with size

One of the first thing that should be thought through is the size of the unit. Because usually  storage facilities put at your disposal various options in terms of size, you need to be sure you are selecting the right one. For that, you should think ahead and figure out what you will be storing in the unit. Make sure to consider not only your current storage requirements, but your future ones as well, because you will certainly face the need of placing some more belongings there after a time. When looking at storage units Vancouver simply opt for an appropriate size.

Understand costs – price might negotiable

When it comes to self-storage facilities, you need to be aware of the long costs you might be subjected to, and to be 100 percent certain that this is something that can fit within your monthly budget. Although renting a unit might seem affordable at first, over time, the costs can add up, and might no longer be financially convenient for you. Compare prices from various facilities, and choose an option that suits your requirements. Also, remember that in some situations, price might be negotiable, so if you have found the perfect facility for you, see if you can lower the rental price down a bit.

Think about temperature

If you are planning to store valuable or fragile belongings, such as antiques or paintings, the temperature of the unit should be balanced throughout the entire year. For that, you should consider opting for a climate controlled unit, even if you might have to pay a bit extra. If your possessions can easily get ruined due to extreme temperature or humidity, thinking about this aspect will make sense.


Video surveillance or any other security measurement should be provided by the facility from which you will rent your storage unit. You probably do not want to potentially find out that a theft has occurred, leaving you without your stored belongings, so asking questions about security before actually renting the space might be a good idea.

If you want to make the perfect choice when renting a storage unit, giving some thought to these serial aspects might come in handy. From carefully analyzing your storage needs to doing your research properly, these steps are essential in the process of finding the perfect facility. Follow these few guideline, and all of your storage requirement will be covered both short and long term.