What can you do with scrap brass?

Recycling has become one of the top priorities people have had in the past years. They have understood that in order to protect the environment, it is highly important to recycle everything they can, including metal. This is also the reason why more and more recycling companies have made their way on the market in the past decade. It is for sure that you have numerous metal objects around the house that you do not use anymore. Look for a recycling company to take that scrap brass you no longer use and help saving the planet.

Take it to a recycle company

If you have some scrap metal around the house that you do not use anymore, be it cans, nails or any other type of metal, you should not just throw it away. One great idea is to take it to a company that provides metal recycling services. It is a good way to help saving the planet a little bit. It is important to know that by doing this, greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced, since it takes higher amount of energy to produce metal from virgin ore. Another reason why you should consider recycling metal is that this way you help conserving natural resources of this planet. There are numerous studies that show the fact that recycling only one ton of steel helps save nearly two thousand pounds of iron ore and nearly one thousand pounds of coal, which is definitely a great benefit to the planet. Recycling metal helps reduce both the amount of natural resources used and the air pollution. All you have to do is some research on the internet and look for a professional recycling company that works within the laws.

Recycle it yourself – DIY projects

In case you cannot find such a company in your region, there is no reason to panic. You can recycle the scrap metal yourself by using it in other purposes. There are numerous tutorials on the internet that provide you useful information on how to create amazing things out of scrap brass, copper or aluminium. All you need in this case is some imagination. Take some time off of your work and look around the house. Look for what decorating elements you would like to replace, such as your coat hanger, some chairs or even the dinner table. For the coat hanger, you can use an old and rusted chainsaw and some nails for instance. You can create some amazing chairs out of washing machine drums, whereas for the dinner table you can reuse that old Singer sewing machine you have long forgotten in the garage. There are various other ways to repurpose old and rusted metal items and turn them into amazing works of art. It is for sure that everyone that walks into your house will be mesmerised by these amazing DIY projects.

As you can see, these are two great and eco-friendly methods that will help you get rid of that pile of scrap metal you have around your house.