Wedding decoration ideas for couples on a budget

Is your special day coming soon and you are worried about the way your reception and ceremony location will look like? Is your budget rather limited and you can’t afford expensive decorations? If so, you should know that you can opt for beautiful decorative elements with the wow effect you desire, without having to worry about money. There are plenty of affordable decoration ideas you can use, a few of them being mentioned in the following tips:  

Style chairs with ribbon

A fast and easy way to add a touch of style to the venue is by accessorizing the chairs with straps of ribbon. With straps of personalised wedding ribbon tied around the legs or backrest of each chair, in the colour tones that match with the rest of the décor, you will create an appealing visual effect. Because ribbons are so affordable, your budget will not be at all affected by this decorative trick, and it is impossible not to love how it will turn out looking like.

Ribbon ceremony backdrop

The ceremony is the most special moment of the entire weeding, and although the decor should not matter, because the event itself is of great significance, you probably want things to be perfect. Well, one great option you can go for, in order to create a more romantic and colourful setting is to add a ribbon backdrop. By simply following an easy step by step tutorial, you will manage creating this decorative piece faster than you would image. Make sure to combine several ribbon colour tones for a more spectacular effect, but choose ones that are appropriate for this type of event. Your ceremony pictures will look amazing with this element in the background.

Ribbon bar garlands

If you will have an open bar at your wedding reception, and you probably will, don’t forget to decorate it as well, and make it part of the wedding scene. An affordable way to do that is by creating some ribbon garlands and placing them around the bar table. If you choose the right patterns, this decoration will certainly look great.

As you can see, you do not have to exceed your financial possibilities in order to create the perfect décor for your wedding reception and ceremony. As long as you use your imagination and a few affordable decorative accessories, you can manage putting together the perfect venue for your special day. Use the tips suggested above, and you will certainly love the effect created.