Tower Fans that Match Any Interior Design

Tower fans are clever units that can provide you not only a pleasant warmth in your house but a cool home as well during the hot season. Lots of models come with a beautiful design in order to meet everybody’s tastes and look absolutely amazing in the owner’s home. Those who are planning to get a device like this will certainly find very interesting the following tower fans that match any interior design.

Dyson AM07

We begin our short list with Dyson AM07 which is one of those tower fans that match any interior design. We all know how hard it can be to breathe indoors when the outdoor temperatures go very high In order to feel comfortable and relax, we need to get a device that will cool our home. Furthermore, we need a device that will also look good in our living room, for example. Therefore, Dyson AM07 is a wonderful choice. It can easily increase the comfort level in your home and it will do this without consuming too much electricity, which is amazing. Its unique bladeless design makes it a very safe product, which is good to have, especially if you have young children in your family. Furthermore, you will find the airflow produced by Dyson AM07 very pleasant. All in all, this is a device that will not only look good in any room, but it will also offer you a good result.

Ozeri 3x 44”

This wonderful device looks without a doubt like a speaker. It comes with a clever Passive Noise Reduction Technology, which means that it is very quiet and it will not disturb you while operating. The unit has 9 clever levels of cooling and customized airflow as well. Ozeri 3x 44” is a highly recommended unit because it is very efficient, and because it can be easily moved from a room to another due to its light weight. You will certainly feel very comfortable in your home, during summer, with a device like this.

Lasko 2551

Due to its sleek finish and elegant shape, the Lasko 2551 can easily integrate any design. Moreover, it is powerful enough to handle any room size. It is even equipped with an air ionizer in order to better disperse the cool air. It can easily fit even in narrow corners, and due to the fact that it is very lightweight, you can easily move it from one place to another.

Crane EE-5607

Crane EE-5607 is a stylish and modern device, that stand out due to its sleek design. Due to this reason, you will be able to place it in any corner of the room, with ease. It is made of metal chassis and stainless steel shell. Therefore, it is a durable device that will last a very long period of time. Crane EE-5607 features 3 fan speeds and a Natural Breeze function that will create a relaxing and comfortable environment. Furthermore, the airflow will reach every corner of the room due to its 3 oscillating settings that allow you to circulate the air at 80, 120, and even 180 degrees, which is absolutely amazing.