Top 3 window cleaning tools

Most of us take window cleaning for granted, which is a mistake. They are your gateway to the outside world, reason why keeping them clean is essential. If the winnows accumulate dirt and dust, in time they come to affect the mood of you home. What is more, panes are the first thing that anyone is likely to see, so if you have soiled windows, you surely make a bad impression. Even if you are not managing a business, but running a home, you still have clients. The neighbours are your clients and it is clear that you cannot afford to leave your windows grimy. You will have to keep the glass sparkling at all times, job which is far from being easy. For good window washing, consider these 3 products.

Window spray mop

If you are tired of taking out a bucket when you clean, you should check this product. A window spray mop is the perfect tool in case you are looking for a thorough clean. In addition to the fact that you will not have to use a bucket, you can say goodbye to the ladder as well. Thanks to this special device, you can reach farther than usual and the good news is that water will not get on the walls in on the furniture. It is essential when you are trying to clean the exterior of the home. With the window spray mop, you can reach places that otherwise would have been unreachable.


The secret to maintaining sparkles windows is to use a squeegee, which is typically used to clean windows. It eliminates excess water, but pay attention to the fact that you will have to keep the blade sharp. Unless you sharpen the blade, you will not be able to do a good job. Even though this may sound like a lot of work in the beginning, using a squeegee is highly beneficial. Just imagine that you will no longer have to deal with annoying water spots or the scum which tends to build for extended periods of time. If you go to the local store, make sure to pick up at least two or three to have just in case you lose one. The great thing about using a squeegee is that you will not have to use detergents, so you will also reduce the amount of toxic gas that is dumped into the sewer.

Polishing cloth

Some propel resort to using paper and vinegar, but this practice is not actually recommended. Although it is true that in order to clean the panes you need only water and a clean cloth, you should opt for using a polishing cloth. This kind of cloth will make the surface of the windows a lot smoother. But you may ask if it actually works. The answer is without doubt yes. The cloth is so effective that you will not even have to use detergent. As opposed to using the moulder of paper towels, you will eliminate streaks much easier. The result is that you will be able to look outside the window and discover that there are no more streaks.