Tips to Help a Hoarder Pack and Move

If you’re not a hoarder yourself, it can be quite impossible to understand people who suffer from this strange condition. Hoarders are incapable of throwing possessions away, which can be a major problem. When it comes to having to move to a new home, the situation becomes really messy as there are a ton of items to relocate. However, this process can be manageable if you stick to a few simple rules.

Try to compromise

What you must understand is that hoarders are extremely hard if not impossible to convince to give up on their belongings. What you should do when helping a hoarder move to a new home is to compromise. Basically, you should organize the hoarder’s possessions carefully. After organizing them, propose to move a part of these items in a public storage during the move. Eventually, those objects will have to be recuperated, and in the meanwhile, you should rent a storage space close to the hoarder’s house where the items will be moved. This is a compromise that even the most stubborn people can understand and accept.

Find a good moving company

Even if you get rid of a part of the possessions temporarily, this doesn’t fix the bigger issue – the fact that there are still a lot of items left that need to be moved from the hoarder’s old home to the new one. Instead of making your life a living hell by having to turn back multiple times to get everything, you should go with hiring movers. The price for their services is reasonable and you will be able to get rid of the whole procedure in one go. To choose a reasonably priced company, do a quick search on the internet. Find a company that operates in your area of interest, otherwise it could cost you a lot of money. For instance, if you live in New York and you have to move to California, search the web for the best Cross country movers NYC. Consider several companies and ask for some price estimates to be able to choose the most reasonably p[riced services. The best thing about hiring movers is that you won’t have to succumb your personal vehicle to the heavy weight of the furniture as you won’t need to participate anymore. It’s definitely a service worth appealing to in such extreme situations.

Don’t force them to throw things away

Hoarders don’t choose to think and act the way they do. This is actually a serious mental illness that some get rid of only after years of therapy sessions. There are even more extreme cases where people aren’t able to reduce their problem at all, gathering absurd amounts of furniture pieces and similar types of possessions their whole lives. Therefore, no matter how angry you are deep inside that the person you’re helping doesn’t want to give up on any item, you remain nice and kind. Of course, you should suggest that they give up on certain belongings, but if it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t put any pressure.