Tips to choose the best sushi catering services for your party

Throwing a party implies great responsibility, since you have to pay attention to numerous aspects and probably the most important one is food. You have to consider working with a professional and highly reputed restaurant that also provides catering services. First, you have to ensure what your guests’ tastes are, since if you want to organize a Japanese themed party for example, you should definitely consider resorting to sushi catering services. Here are some useful tips to help you select the best food catering services.

Choose the right restaurant

It is essential to ensure that the restaurant you select also provides food catering services. Start with some quick research on the Internet to see which Japanese restaurants are located in your region and ask for some honest opinions. Your friends and relatives could help you with this aspect. If you know someone who is truly passionate about Japanese culture and food, it is for sure that person knows everything it is to know about sushi, so they could definitely help you.

Think about portions

When it comes to sushi, most people never hold back from eating it, especially at a party. You should take this aspect into account and consider ordering some extra portions of sushi to ensure there are at least seven pieces per person. If you know your guests well and you know they are absolutely crazy about sushi, you should increase the number of pieces up to ten, just in case.

Select from a variety of sushi rolls, textures and tastes

You should know that sushi comes in a wide range of roll types and choosing the right ones for your event is essential. For a party, it is recommended to select inside out rolls and thick rolls. Sushi is supposed to be eaten immediately as it is served and these two sorts of sushi rolls can be prepared several hours ahead of time. Cover them with some plastic film and store them in the refrigerator. You can remove them from fridge about 10-15 minutes before serving. What is more, when choosing sushi for your party, one crucial aspect you have to take into account is that there may be vegan guests invited as well. This means that you have to ensure there are some vegetarian sushi rolls too. Discuss with the restaurant about the variety of sushi rolls they provide and ensure you select at least three different types, so that you can provide your guests a range of textures and tastes.

Do not forget to enjoy the party too!

As stressful and overwhelming organizing a party may seem, it is mandatory that you enjoy it to the fullest. After all, all those sushi rolls are not only for your guests, but also for you, so make sure you have at least a few pieces.

As it can be seen, these are some very useful tips you should definitely take into account the moment you decide to throw a party and look for sushi catering services.