Tips on teaching a problem solving course

As a business owner or team manager, it is up to you to bring your team together and advise them on how to act in certain situations. Because problem solving is such an important aspect of any type of business, you should make sure that your entire team has these kind of skills and use them in an efficient way. The productivity of your employees is one of your responsibilities, so you should consider teaching them an adequate problem solving course, and thus help them acquire some basic techniques. Here are a few tips that may be useful during the process:

Get a course module

First, you should consider getting a course that has been designed by experts, in order to have the support materials you need to help your team gain the necessary skills. Courses of this kind usually come with a final assessment at completion, this way you can make sure that each of the team members has paid attention and has acquired the required knowledge. Such a course should include information on how to describe a problem, to understand it and what techniques to use in solving it.


Make sure you communicate effectively with your entire team. If someone seems to not understand something or is left behind, take the time necessary to repeat the explanation in order for each member to completely comprehend what you are saying. Communication is key in these cases, so pay attention.

Encourage independence

Another important detail in the process is encouraging independence. Leave your team time to reach their own conclusions before giving them the answer. Provide the minimal assistance necessary, but allow them to give the subject more thought and to offer themselves their one explanation.

Encourage patience

When it comes to problem solving, patience and thoroughness are essential characteristics. Try to make the course participants understand this aspect, and encourage them into gaining the skills and ability required to do so.

If you want your team to be as efficient and productive as possible, then teaching them how to solve problem more effectively will be more than necessary. As you can see, there are a few tips that will help you train your team the right way, but the most important one is following a module that is designed by specialists in this domain. Search online for a complete course that contains all the techniques and support materials required and start teaching.