Tips for making elegant satin hair bow clips

Satin hair bows are at the same time fun and inexpensive accessories, so it does not come as a surprise that they are very popular. Besides the fact that hair bows are beautiful, they are incredibly easy to make. Instead of spending your hard earned money on store products, you should take the time to make something truly unique. Hair bow clips made from satin ribbon are suitable for young and old women alike. Of course you will need to buy satin ribbons, but you can be sure that this is well worth it. Here are some tips for you to get started.

Prepare your items

Obviously, you cannot do anything without satin ribbon. Make sure you get enough material for your project, In order to determine exactly how much you will need, think about how many hair bow clips you want to make. For only one hair bow clip, you will need two inches width and six inches length. What you will also need to buy is lined clips and pins, if you do not have any at home. Scissors, a thread and needle, and a glue gun are items that you definitely have lying around the home, so you do not have to worry about buying these things.

Pay attention to cutting and gluing

While making satin hair bow clips is fairly simple, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Most people say that you should cut two pieces of satin ribbon, but the fact is that you need to cut four. Take the first piece and brings the edged together. Apply glue on the edges of the streamer. This will be your shape for the bow tie. Make the other piece in the same way. Once you are done with the second one, sew the two pieces together. The stitching will not look very nice, so wrap a piece of ribbon around it. Last but not least, attach the hair clip.

Try using sparkly materials

Satin ribbon is by far one of the most elegant materials you are likely to find. However, if you wish to make your hair bow clips special, you can add sparkly materials too. They will draw attention to your appearance and it is worth mentioning that you can make endless combinations. The point is that you need to dare. If you love wearing sparkly clothing, then glitter ribbon is the perfect choice for you.