Tips for Creating a Post-Rehab Recovery Plan

It’s common to assume that after attending a programme of professional rehab for alcoholics, the process comes to an end. The course has been completed successfully, you have been through a process of detoxification and made enormous improvement in your life under professional supervision. As such, you believe that the time has come to simply get back to a normal way of life.

In reality however, it is just as important focus on the post-rehab recovery process as it is the initial rehabilitation process itself.  The reason being that things taken entirely different turn when you leave the supervision of the professionals and are once again put back in full control of your whole life.  If you want to continue to live a life free from alcohol addiction or dependency, it is not something you can simply ignore or take for granted.

So far as the experts are concerned, it is of crucial importance to create an effective post-rehab recovery plan and stick to it like glue. But what exactly does this mean in a practical setting?

1.      Remain Proactively Invested

Well, first of all it means accepting the fact that your recovery continues after you leave the programme of rehabilitation and that you need to be proactively invested in your recovery at all times.  Chances are there will be plenty of optional meetings, sessions and group events available to you after completing rehab – all of these exist entirely for your benefit.  If it is something the professionals advise you to do, chances are you should be doing it.

2.      Keep In Touch

More often than not, those who provided the treatment in the first place will encourage you to keep in touch with them on a regular basis, in order to discuss how you are getting along, any challenges you are facing and so on.  Not only is this incredible useful as a means by which to access professional advice, but the fact that you know you will be speaking to such individuals regularly can also help ensure you stay on the straight and narrow. Even if it is just a simple phone call or in-person meeting every week or two, it can make an enormous difference during the long-term recovery process.

3.      Tie Up Loose Ends.

The simple fact of the matter is that the more unfinished business and general concerns you have in your life, the more difficult you will find it to stay away from alcohol. For many recovering alcoholics, getting back to a normal way of life means paying off debts, building bridges with friends and family, attending to professional issues, working to repair financial damage and so on. The problem being that the longer you leave such problems unresolved, the bigger the burden they will become. If you have any loose ends to tie up, it is in your best interests to tie them up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4.      Set Personal Goals

In addition to having the single long-term goal of remaining alcohol-free forever, it is also important to set smaller personal goals that you can accomplish and celebrate. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a foreign language? Become a better photographer?  Grow your own vegetables? Meet that special someone? Take a piece of paper and write down a bunch of goals you would like to accomplish, before then setting out to begin making it happen.

5.      Focus On Your Health

You will find it extremely difficult to get by during any stage of the recovery process if you are not in at least a relatively good state of physical health. During times when you feel low, depressed, demotivated and generally lethargic, getting up and active is probably the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, these are exactly the times during which this is precisely what you should be doing. As difficult as it may be at first, getting yourself into a healthy and active daily routine is of paramount importance for your recovery.

6.      Eliminate Negativity

Last but not least, one of the most important things to remember throughout the recovery process is that absolutely everything you are doing is geared towards a genuinely life-changing outcome. It isn’t going to be easy and there will be a lot of challenges along the way, but what you get out of it will be so much more than you put in.  Remain positive, surround yourself with positive people and try to look at what you are doing as something quite spectacular. Which when you think about it, it really is.