Things that will surprise you in London


If you have chosen London to be your next holiday destination, then you might have taken the best decision. The British capital city has everything tourists could wish for: history, tradition, modern venues and outdoor locations, perfect for any type of activity. The atmosphere is actually unique, so if you are visiting the United Kingdom, London in particular, for the first time, you should be prepared for a small (and positive) cultural shock. A lot of things will seem impressive and even odd, but remember that it is all part of the experience. We have created a short list of things that are likely to surprise you, in order to help you arrive prepared and enjoy your trip.


Everybody knows that there are plenty of flights to London, so no matter where you live, you can reach this destination without any trouble. In addition to this, you can also visit and book transfer from the airport to your accommodation. However, what fewer people know is that the entire infrastructure of this city is really impressive. The tube (commonly known as “subway”), buses and taxis enable tourists and locals to get around, which is a great perk for such a crowded place.

Free attractions

It is a common misconception that travelling to London is expensive. The truth is, not only prices are acceptable, but most tourist objectives are actually free. This means that here you get the chance to see the famous art works of the British Museum without paying any fee, or check the National Gallery’s pieces free of any charge. Quite amazing, right? In addition to museums, there are also plenty of outdoor venues you can visit and these are, of course, completely free. All in all, you can design an impressive itinerary at an affordable price and with little struggle.


London is not a city per-se. As a matter of fact, besides the City of London, the capital consists in the surrounding region made of hundreds of smaller villages. These have merged into each other, but have also maintained their particular features, creating a collection of diverse “neighbourhoods”. This diversity can sometimes be seen on the same area: you may enter a street with colourful houses and leave behind the same street with mansions made of red brick. London’s charm lays in its mixtures and shifts, and this may be surprising for tourists and new comers.