The story of theatre: three key moments

Theatre has always been an important part in the life of the individual, all throughout history. It has been through various changes, only to become what it is today, an interesting, captivating activity that is both respected and practiced by children and adults. However in order to appreciate it, you might be interested in getting to know a few facts about the history of theatre, thus understanding exactly how much or how little has changed. So here are three key moments in the existence of theatre, three moments that hold the essence of the transformation.

Acting: an ancient practice


The school of theatre is just as old and respected as the idea of school itself. In ancient times, in ancient Greece to be more precise, theatre was first considered a way to honor the gods. Only after some time, it grew in a cultural event of its own. This school is actually the ancestor of any ecole theatre Paris or London based and even though the tactics or acting rules have changed, the idea is the same. In Greece, just as it is now, there would be a play, imagined and written by someone, which is later on put on stage, together with a team of actors. It is true that in terms of props, people had to do with what they found, which was no much. Still, even so, one must not imagine that plays were insignificant. In Ancient Greek, theatre was an event, performed in the honor of gods and then flourishing in a festival of its own.


Queen Elizabeth and her plays


Actors never left the stage of history. They have always been part of this world, always present and prepared for the challenge. In the Elizabethan era, theatre did flourish. This is widely regarded as one of the most important moments in the history of theatre. It is in this period that some of the best works were written. Shakespeare made his entry on the stage and brought with him some of the most captivating plays of all times. Without this moment in history, theatre would not look as it does today. Endless love stories, family drama, historic tragedies, all came to enchant the spectator, as they still do today. To have the same old play put to stage and to obtain the same reaction each time makes you think about the power of theatre.


Today’s theatre


The message has not changed. Even tough a lot of time has passed since the apparition of theatre, its meaning remains the same. Acting is all about pleasure, the pleasure of the public while enjoying a play and that of the actor, the pleasure of performing. Even though actors no longer want to please the gods or the queen, they are still looking for recognition, this time coming from the public. Theatre today is interesting, it is enchanting. It reflects the modern society through the techniques of the actor, the topic of the play and the amazing props used on stage. Theatre is just as important now as it was in Ancient times, which is a gain in itself considering that today there are so many different forms of entertainment that acting has to battle with.