Save money in unexpected ways with these simple tricks


Oftentimes, the hardest thing about saving money is getting started and finding useful and practical ideas. However, there are certain solutions that will help even large families to manage in a more effective fashion their finances. For instance, a great idea many tend to forget about, at least in the UK, is claiming a tax refund. Another idea is to shop for deals and discounts, but more on interesting ideas to save your family’s finances, you can read below. 

1. Claim your mileage tax back, if you live in the UK

If you are using your own vehicle to reach your job, then you must make sure that you claim your mileage tax back. Many people tend to forget about it, because many consider that reaching their jobs is exclusively their duty and that they should contribute financially to it. However, oftentimes managing the entire refund process might be complicated. In these cases, it would be advisable to collaborate with a specialised company to help you in the process. Also, by doing so, you can be sure that you will have the maximum amount possible back since these agencies have a vast experience in helping people in your situation. To make things a little clearer, you can claim your mileage tax back as far as four years. By collaborating with a specialised company, the outcome will certainly be more advantageous for you.

2. Shop like smart people

Yes, you must buy groceries weekly, but if you don’t to it wisely, you will end up spending considerably more than you would initially expect, and more than it is worth it. There are numerous smart strategies to reduce the pressure of overspending when shopping. One great approach is to make a list and shop for all necessities in a single trip to the shop. And avoid unscheduled trips. If you succeed doing so, you will first save money on gas, and secondly, avoid spending money on things that are not imperative for your household, but let’s say, they were only at a discount price. Compulsive purchases are harder to avoid if you don’t have a list and if you do multiple trips to the shop.

3. Find entertainment at home

A day-long trip to the cinema or Disneyland will leave you with a big hole in the budget. We understand that children can become dreadful on weekends, with all their complaints and requests, but it would be ideal if you’d find a solution to entertain them at home. For instance, during the current hot summer days, you could invest in an inflatable pool and let them have some fun in the backyard. Build a fort together, or organise a treasure hunt in your backyard. These are witty ideas that will surely help your child to calm while they have some spare time, and will help you to relax a little on weekends.

These are some great ideas you could use for saving some money and have a decent lifestyle.