Rookie home selling mistakes you must avoid


The process of selling a house requires the seller to pay attention to the smallest details before actually listing the house. It is generally known that the number of sellers has significantly increased in the past years, whereas the number of buyers has lowered, which is why most sellers tend to make crucial mistakes that can either delay or compromise the sale. If you have a property in Leeds City that you want to sell fast, make sure you avoid these rookie mistakes.

Not taking good photos of the house

Promoting the house is actually how you get your house sold, which is why it is mandatory that you give due importance to this aspect. What better method to present people your house on the Internet other than by showing them pictures? Make sure you have a professional camera (or if you don’t, ask a friend who has one to help you) and take some photos of the house, both of the indoors and outdoors of the property. This way, potential buyers can get a clearer idea upon how the house looks like. You should not give all the details at once though, but save some of them for the moment buyers come to see the house by themselves.

Not cleaning the house

Before taking photos of the house, you should spend some time de-cluttering and cleaning the property in order to make it look more welcoming and pleasant. You probably would not want to walk into a selling house and see high amounts of clutter spread all over the property, so you have to consider that neither potential buyers would like this kind of experience. It is true that this activity may take you some time, but in the end, chances for your house to be sold a lot faster significantly increase.

Not taking into account colour hues

You have lived in that property for several years now, which means that you may have changed a lot of things about it, especially when it comes to wall painting. You may find yourself attached to those brown walls in the bedroom or to those green ones in the living room, but you have to take into account that not everyone has the same tastes as you in colours. It is recommended that you neutralize the walls by selecting a lighter colour such as white, light yellow or cream. Also, this colour choice will make the space look bigger.

Not taking care of pet odour

If you are a pet lover, you may be used to the odour existing inside the house. However, there are people who do not like having pets and walking into a house where there is intense pet odour in the air may influence them in making their decision. Make sure that you spend some time removing pet odour from carpets and furniture around the house.

As it can be seen, these are some of the most crucial mistakes home sellers are prone to make. In case you want to increase your chances of selling your property, it is advisable that you resort to the professional services of a real estate agent.