Planning warehouse shelving – things to consider

If you are on the point of moving to new business premises and are interested in incorporating a new warehouse facility, then you should start putting together an action plan. Because the development of your business depends primarily on your warehouse, it is more than necessary to optimise the storage capacity efficiently. From choosing the right industrial shelving unit to creating a functional storage design for your employees, there are a few things you need to consider when incorporating a new warehouse facility. Here are a few steps you will need to follow, when planning warehouse shelving:

Calculate available storage space

Before planning racking and shelving arrangements, you should take the time to calculate available storage space. Pay close attention to this detail, because a possible error might lead to costly implications. Measure the floor area, room height, and calculate the overall amount of free space, considering ductwork or overhead pipes.

Think about storage requirements

The next step in the process of planning warehouse shelving is to think about all of your storage requirements. Even if  the warehouse space is limited, you can still benefit from proper storage volume. Try thinking about a storage layout that can provide you with a maximized storage volume. Think about your stock, and how many good you will be needing to store before ordering shelving units. Do not forget to ensure the space is appropriate for easy loads and unloads.

Deciding on the right shelving or racking units

After you have established a budget, and you are properly aware of your storage requirements, you can start looking for storage options. The right storage solution plays an important role in work productivity, and this is the main reason why you should be careful when making a purchase. If you want to provide your employees with a safe working environment and to make their job easier, then you should consider a few aspects, when shopping for storage systems. Construction material, access to goods and versatility are the main features to consider when choosing warehouse shelving. Opt for robust steel frames that can resist to corrosion, and make sure the shelves offer good strength. The racking system needs to provide easy access to goods to simplify order preparation. Because your warehouse needs might change in time, you should purchase versatile shelving units that can adapt to any storage requirements you might have in the future.

A functional and properly organised warehouse space is the key to increased work productivity and business efficiency. Because the storage systems you opt for are extremely important for warehouse functionality, make sure you make your choices carefully. Look for a supplier that can provide you with sturdy storage systems of top quality. Research the topic and see which your main options are. Only after you have established your storage needs and requirements, you can feel safe making a purchase. If your budget is limited, look for deals and offers, but avoid choosing the cheapest shelving solution you can find, because price is usually linked to quality.