Pests and their effects on human health

Cockroaches are super repulsive. It’s no wonder that people start screaming when they see them. Imagine this scenario: you mind your own business when, all of a sudden, you notice a cockroach scurrying across the floor. Finding pests isn’t uncommon. There are hundreds of bugs out there and, somehow, they manage to find their way into people’s homes. Insects aren’t only disgusting. They are dangerous, in the sense that they have harmful effects. Controlling the pest population is therefore essential. Insects, as well as rodents and mites, have negative effects on human health. Please continue reading to find out more.

Serious allergic and asthmatic reactions   

Not that many people are aware of the fact that pests are carriers of allergens. Researchers have discovered that touching cockroaches or mites triggers allergic reactions. If you start sneezing or your eyes become swollen the moment that you come in contact with household pests, they are the cause of your troubles. The vermin are allergen carriers and exposing yourself in this manner can have serious consequences, especially if you have a medical condition. Get in touch with a pest control company east London right away.  

Pests contaminate the home with germs

The sight of cockroaches or spiders causes instant nausea. Besides the fact that they are repugnant, these little creatures contaminate the home with bacteria. Germs attach to their skin and they get carried all over the house. Let’s not forget about fecal droppings that pollute the air that you and your loved ones breathe. Symptoms of infection develop between 1 and 5 weeks after exposure. When you realise that you or one of your family members is sick, it will be too late. Have you ever heard of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome? It’s an infectious disease that can be fatal. Now, do you understand how dangerous it is to have pests in the home?

Compromised food sources

Pests are attracted to food. Cockroaches, in particular, eat almost anything. They aren’t picky and they will indulge in anything that you leave for them. Food contamination ultimately leads to illness. You throw up, develop a fever, and may even get contaminated with E. Coli. The sources of food in the home are compromised without you even knowing it. The vermin doesn’t even have to touch the food. The droppings that they leave behind infects the air with bacteria, bacteria which spreads in the entire home. The best course of action is to hire a professional pest control in East London. Sealing the food away won’t solve the problem. Cockroaches are able to survive 3 months without eating a single thing.            

Pests are a problem. They put your health and that of the ones you love in danger. Not fighting them isn’t the answer. The critters will invade your home and spread around illnesses. Pest control isn’t a do-it-yourself job. When you have such a problem on your hands, call in the pros. They will know what to do. Don’t wait until the last minute.