NTI offers world-class customer service and innovative delivery solutions

With fast and creative solutions to complex logistics problems, NTI has been a dominant force in the highly competitive 3rd party shipping industry for years. The company’s commitment to offering affordable services for individuals and businesses around the world helped it build an excellent reputation and enjoy admiration from customers, partners and competitors altogether. The team behind NTI puts at the forefront the growing needs of the customer base thus providing the best pricing in the business, not to mention about the consistent and dedicated service. Furthermore, all individuals within the company stay up to date with technological innovations and new equipment in order to increase the company’s productivity by making the processes more convenient, financially speaking and more efficient. The main services provided to customers worldwide refer to shipping and receiving packages of different sizes, providing innovative logistics solutions for all types of businesses and transportation management services. Additional services include order fulfillment, quality control and custom options.

All companies in the shipping industry use Transportation Management Systems (TMS) because it facilitates their communications with shippers, it allows them to track shipments pickups and drops, schedule changes to delivery times. NTI (Sevensent.com) exploits the TMS to make sure that every process runs smoothly without any complications that might jeopardize its reliability. The expert team handles without any problem pre-loading, drop-shipping, storage instructions and custom labeling. Even more, all the members thoroughly evaluate the services in order to determine their quality and make necessary improvements because after all, there is always room for improvement. All the changes have the purpose to increase customer satisfaction and expand the customer base. The staff also handles detailed inspections and visual checks of incoming, outgoing loads and stored inventory to identify and solve inconveniences before they become major problems.

NTI fulfills customer orders accurately and quickly while keeping financial losses to a minimum. Moreover, they offer top-notch customized services at the most affordable process and for this reason, customers keep returning to ask for more. Each employee within the company undergoes coaching, regardless of his years of service and new hires benefit from intense initial training to prepare them for unexpected problems that might occur during shipping operations. Whether it touches basic business processes or specialized fields, the ongoing training applies to everyone because the main objective is to create a professional team able to respond to customer’s needs, answer their questions and clear their doubts.

The staff must display a positive and helpful attitude towards the customer and the genuine desire of assisting him in any situation. The company can pride on irreproachable all-round customer service. This explains why the customers do not hesitate to entrust their personal and private information expecting in return superior value in exchange for their loyalty. Obviously, the staff make sure that every sensitive piece of information remains confidential and protected. Any customer has the freedom to contact the team through phone, online chat or email by using the accurate contact details displayed on the company’s website, which also includes all the services and options provided by the employees.