Losing your job while living in France – things to know

Becoming unemployed might seem like an overwhelming inconvenience at first, but because you are living in France, things will be much easier for you than if you were to live in another EU country. The Pole Emploi 93 stands at your disposal with a high level of support, and will help you got through this process easier. If you do not know much about this topic, and are looking for some useful information, the following details might come in handy:

Financial perks

Receiving financial help during your unemployment period is probably your main concern, considering you have certain living expenses that need to be covered. Well, the financial perks included in the French unemployment leave is certainly one that will allow you to keep up with the quality of life you have become used to, and not deal with money problems. For as long as you are seeking a new career opportunity, you will monthly receive the finical support necessary for all standard living expenses, including rent. You have the possibility to postuler en ligne Seine Saint Denis, in order to understand better the financial aspect of your unemployment.

Further unemployment benefits

Besides receiving finical help through your unemployment period, the Pole Emploi will also provide you with further benefits. One of them is giving you the chance to receive training, either professional one, if you desire to switch to a new field of practice, or language training, if you have not managed to learn French properly until now. For domains that do not offer so many opportunities, managing to find a suitable position can last longer than you would want to stay without a job, so taking into consideration the possibility of developing skills in another field might be recommended. It is up to you if you want to take advantage of the training offered by the Pole Emploi, but you should still know about this possibility. 

What needs to be done

In order for you to actually take advantage of the unemployment support put at your disposal by the government, there are a few essential things you will need to do, one of them is contacting the Pole Emploi 93 as quickly as possible. There will be certain formalities you will need to handle, so you will have to discuss with a specialist, learn what documents need to be filed and request more information on how you can start receiving unemployment leave.

Losing your job is certainly something that everybody would want to avoid, but if there is a place where unemployment is not such a scary prospect that is France. This country offers its unemployed residents many social security benefits. Until one is able to find a new job, they will not have to worry about their daily expenses. Now that you know how the government can help you in this department, and what you should do in order to receive unemployment benefits, you can handle your entire situation much better.