Is your car’s windscreen repairable?

When you woke up in the morning, you found that there is a gaping hole in the windshield of your car. You have no idea what its cause is, but you know that you have to replace the windshield as soon as possible. But, you should not hurry to make this assumption, because there are cases when the window can be fixed by a professional technician. For example, if the glass was damaged of a block of masonry that fell on your car’s windscreen, then you will have to replace it. But if it was smacked by a bit of debris, then you can fix windscreen. It is advisable to repair it before the crack lengthens. Auto glasses are designed to offer structural support for your car, and to stand the stress of traveling on roads, but sometimes damage occurs. Windshields are composed of two layers, and the inner one has the role to hold together the outer one, which might be broken in case of an accident. Because of these two layers, the windshields do not fall apart when the glass cracks.

Should you repair or replace the auto glass?

In the majority of cases, a professional glass technician can repair the cracks and chips. But this depends on different factors, such as the depth, size, type and location of the damage. Also, the results will vary according to the amount of contamination, age, location and severity of the damage. Experts will evaluate these factors, and they will decide if the windshield of your vehicle is repairable. Each case differs, according to the individual basis, your expectations, and the technician’s skill.

Depth and size

Any technician should be able to repair glass chips, if they are about one inch diameter. Also, they can fix cracks if they are no larger than three inches in diameter. But in case your windshield has a crack larger than a dollar bill, then you will have to replace the glass. As you can see, the size of the damage is important when making the determination. However, in case the technicians uses new technologies, they might be able to repair wider cracks and chips, so you should talk with yours.

What type of cracks does your car have?

Some of the cracks can be repaired easier than others, according to their severity. Technicians state that there are different types of damages. For example, the star break is a radial crack that appears on the impact point. The bulls-eye is a crack that is caused by the impact with a circular object. And the examples could continue. In general, if the cracks and chips from the glass can be covered with a quarter, then technicians will have no issues in repairing them. If the windshield features multiple cracks, then it will be difficult to repair it, and the technician will recommend you to replace it. Repairing a broken glass will not last more than an hour, it depends on the dust the crack accumulated, and on its depth. The technician will evaluate the factors before recommending a solution.