How to choose great second-hand clothes

If you are a fashionista with a taste for upmarket labels, but your paycheck does not match your wish list, you should consider shopping from a second-hand store. Thanks to consignment shops, innovative startups and vintage boutiques, second-hand fashion is once again fashionable. What many perceive as being bargain hunting is actually a trendy way to satisfy your fashion urges. Second-hand shopping is similar to treasure hunting. Just think if you look attentively you will find unexpected gems that cost only a fraction of the price you would pay for upmarket labels. When looking for haine second hand, it is wise to take into account a few things.

Look for brand clothing

The truth is that second-hand stores are an excellent way to get brand clothing. People tend to buy stuff that they never wear, so you have the opportunity of finding clothing and even accessories that still have their tags on. Thrift stores can offer you brands that you would never have bought new such as GAP or Old Navy. This is especially important if you are a teenager that is into labels. More importantly, brand clothing is of higher quality fabric and closures, which increases the value of your bargain.

Actually try the clothing on

There is no bargain if you discover that the clothes you have just purchased do not fit or if they look bad on you. If you are a fashionista, then you surely have a good sense of what your clothing size is. Nonetheless, shopping at thrift stores is different in the sense that the store is home to a multitude of brands that have different ideas about what constitutes a clothing size.  You should always go shopping with a friend whose opinion you can trust. It is best to get someone else’s opinion, otherwise you risk leaving the store with something that is awful or, worse, that you do not like. Therefore, it is advisable to have a friend with you.

Check the clothes

A good idea is to check the clothes for stains, tears, stretched stitching and other similar details. Do the pants have a shiny seat? If you see these, then you should determine whether they are easily mendable or they are so damaged that it is not worth investing in such clothes. Only pay for items that are in good condition or that require an easy repair. Avoid buying items that have perspiration marks because they will not come out. On the other hand, buttons are not an issue since you can easily replace the lost ones with new ones.

Do not be too pretentious

The vast majority of stores offer a range of clothes, but you will only have success if you can widen your idea of what you are looking for. If for instance you are looking for a black, short-sleeved dress, then you will have trouble finding anything that works for you. You have to keep an open mind and go with what you can find. It is important to point out that this does not mean you have to settle for just anything you find.