How mindfulness can help your health

 A mandatory requirement of our era is multitasking. Although many of us manage it successfully, we are all negatively sensing it. Divided attention between multiple tasks increases stress levels and anxiety, the constant fear of making mistakes surrounding us regardless of the context. Some consequences of multitasking and juggling with multiple worries during a day would be a decreased quality of life and a severe lack of wellbeing, depression, and anxiety. However, mindfulness, a practice deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of meditation seems to be the answer to these issues we all experience. And although it cannot completely suppress negative thoughts, concentrating intensively on a single task at once helps a lot. And since developing hobbies such as adult colouring or even playing bingo, we developed some strong pro arguments for mindfulness.


Mindful hobbies seem to be the key

Mindfulness if one’s effort of living in the moment, rather than just paying extreme attention to unnecessary details. This is why researchers suggest us to invest part of our spare time in developing new hobbies. These hobbies should stimulate our brains in a relaxing manner. We will take for example bingo because this game has all the necessary qualities to be considered a mindfulness exercise. Although the context has changed over the years, its principles remain the same. By investing our time in some new hobbies such as playing bingo, for instance, we increase our environmental and circumstantial awareness.

Find the perfect environment for mindful practices

Because we have the example of playing bingo as a mindful practice, we find it necessary to be able to identify the perfect environment for such practices, in our case, finding the best bingo sites. Because this game is about soliciting our brain in an enjoyable manner, we think the perfect environment for this practice should come with plenty of security, and why not, financial benefits, since they seem to be a great motivation for focusing. If one chooses this activity for exercising their mindfulness, it is necessary to make sure they search for a platform offering increased levels of online security (if not, anxiety is prone to appear), generous bonuses (the motivational factor), that is able to offer an overall enjoyable experience.

Focusing on a single task at once might help in this practice

Developing new hobbies helps a lot in the purpose of becoming mindful. Take bingo, for example, while it is quite a soliciting game for our minds, it can force our wondering attention on a single task, namely polishing our skill in this game. It’s all about calming a chattering mind, and focusing on such games will certainly help for this purpose. Mindfulness is all about reducing the number of thoughts one has, not silencing them, and for this purpose, developing new hobbies like’s activity similarly, to how bingo is.

The practice comes with plenty of physical and psychological benefits

With mindful practices the levels of self and environmental awareness of one increase. Unlike meditation, mindful acts are prone to increase the levels of acceptance of our condition, our daily purposes, and goals. Mindfulness teaches us how we can “be” with our problems, how to coexist with them. It’s not about eliminating the anxiousness or the fear, but about accepting them and treating them as parts of the human condition. This, of course, decreases the anxiety levels, the stress we experience on the daily basis, which consequently is felt positively by our physical functions. Lower stress levels translate into lower cholesterol levels, lower anxiety levels translate into less severe headaches and migraines. This leads, of course, to increased levels of quality of life. Awareness is that particular ability one has to differentiate between given circumstances, and their potential outcomes, which, of course, leads to more capabilities to make them work to our different coordinates of the game. Getting involved in such activities on the daily basis will potentate our awareness development greatly.