How do you know it’s time to replace the boat exhaust manifold?


You don’t have any records indicating when was the last time you had the boat exhaust manifold replaced. So, normally, you’re wondering what you should do.  There’s no problem; the boat engine is running perfectly fine, but you’re afraid that you’ll experience problems at the worst time possible, meaning when you’re out at sea. If you’re scarred that your engine will fail, you should remove the equipment and inspect. This is the only way to know if the exhaust manifold is in good working condition. To be one the safe side, you can start looking for exhaust manifold. It’s not recommendable to wait, especially if you’ve had the boat for some time.

Life expectancy of boat manifolds

No matter who you ask, you’ll not receive a clear answer concerning the question of marine engine exhaust manifolds. The opinions on longevity differ. You may wonder why. The life expectancy of boat equipment depends on a number of factors, which is the reason why there’s no clear answer. How long the exhaust manifold will last depends largely on the way you make use of your boat and the type of water it’s on. If you use your boat on saltwater, the equipment will not last a very long time. Despite the fact that an exhaust manifold lasts for about 8 years, in saltwater, it will last maximum 3 years. On the other hand, if you use your boat in freshwater, you can expect the equipment to last for as long as 20 years.

Tell-tale signs the exhaust manifold needs replacement

Maybe you want to be sure before a replacement is in order before taking things apart. In this case, you should be looking for the following signs:

  • Paint is peeling off from the exhaust manifold
  • Engine is difficult to start
  • Excessive rust on the equipment
  • Engine produces white smoke
  • Pyrometer temps are too high

It’s needless to say that if you notice any of the abovementioned signs, you need to take action right away. If you don’t and choose to ignore the situation, you’ll be faced with a catastrophe. To be more precise, your engine will die. Just imagine how expensive it’s to replace a marine engine.

Exhaust boat manifold replacement

If the exhaust manifold fails to do its job successfully, you have no option but to change it. The great news is that replacing the equipment is a task that even you can undertake. All you need is the repair manuals and the right tools, of course. Follow the instructions provided to you in the manual and set the new exhaust in place. When you’re done, make sure that the engine works fine, the last thing you want is to have surprises on your next fishing trip. Turn the motor on and let it reach its operating temperature. The reason why it’s necessary to do so is that the temperature seals the gaskets and threads the bolts in place. You’ll see that everything will be perfectly fine. If replacing the exhaust manifold isn’t something you find appealing, have your boat handled by professionals.