Home buying checklist – factors to keep in view


Home buying was never so easy. Now you have plenty of options from which to choose, no matter if you are looking for a condo, apartment or house. According to your preferences, you can access an on-line selling directory, and filter your search for showing you only the results that might interest you. This filters would help you narrow down your search, but you would still have difficulties in selecting the perfect Scottsdale real estate for your needs, so you have to make a checklist with the most important features you are looking in a property to look like home. There is no exact criteria, buyers should write on their checklist, because every one has different requirements and needs, but some of them are essential, and you should make sure that you include them in your list.

Find the right size property

The first factor that should influence your search is the size of the house. You should not invest in one that suits only your needs, but the ones of the majority of the population, because you might want to resell it in the future. The majority of people are looking for a house that has at least three bedrooms, but no more than four, because they would find it expensive to care. You should opt for a two-bedroom house only if you are not planning to have kids in the future. At the same time if you have a large family, or you plan to have a healthy number of children, then you should invest in a house with at least five bedrooms. In terms of bathrooms, it is advisable to choose one, which has 1-1/2 or 2. The square footage is also important, because if you want a property that would resell easily in the future, you should opt for one having more than 1000.

Structure is important

The main aspect you should keep in mind when you are buying a house is that you have to avoid structural damages, because they could cost a lot of money. Therefore, you should not buy a house that has foundation issues in the past, or which features large cracks in the foundation. Ask the real estate agent about carpenter ant or termite infestations, and require them to offer you a warranty that you would not have any issues regarding these bugs for at least a year.

Easy to improve interior design

The majority of homeowners choose to improve the interior of their houses when they purchase it, and some of them are not even costly, so why not doing it? However, you have to be sure that the property you invest does not feature any interior damage that requires major changes because those ones are costly. Look on the market for a house, which would allow you to add fresh paint on the walls, install new light fixtures, replace the light covers and install tile in linoleum’s place. Do not forget to carefully analyze the kitchen, because you might want to replace the cabinets with new ones or restore the existing ones.