Guide to help your children get rid of toys

It is easy to recognise a house that was taken over by children. There are toys everywhere. The parents start buying things before the baby arrives. Then their friends and family members keep bringing them clothes and toys. And before you know the children themselves start collecting things, so in a short period of time the parents are overwhelmed because they cannot recognise the space they used to keep clean and organised. All that toys can get in the way of your life, so it is understandable that you want to get rid of them. You have to simplify your life, but for this, you will have to convince your children that they have to get rid of the majority of their clothes. But how can you convince them to get rid of their favourite toys? Because at this age all the toys they have are important, and they want to play with all of them.

Teach them how important is to help other children

It is understandable that the toys have meaning for your children, and that they want to play with all of them, but it is your role to teach them, that they have to get rid of some of them. The best way to do it, is to discuss with them that there are other children who need toys, because their parents do not afford to buy them. If you tell them that they should help children in need, you will notice that they will consider interesting the idea of helping other children. Also, you can come up with the idea that the toys can state by themselves if they would like to play with other children. Tell them to ask the toys and make sure that the toys “tell” them that they would love to do it.

Sneak some toys away

When children have numerous toys, they do not have a close record of them. They play with some of them more often that with the others, so you should try to see what toys seem to be their favourites. Sneak the other ones away, place them in boxes and take them to one of the storage units Orange. If they ask for a certain toy, you can go and bring it back, if not you can donate them to charity after a month or two.

Make sure your children are involved in the process

You should not bring the boxes in their room without informing them previously, because they will be scared that they have done something wrong. You should tell them that it is the time to sort the toys and make room for new ones. In this way, they will find it an interesting activity, because they know that they will receive something new if they help you. They definitely have a new toy in mind they want to receive, so you should tell them that they could have it if they fill the box with toys they no more use. In this way, you involve them in the process and you are sure that they will not cry later when they will not find one of the toys.