Forming simple habits to lead a more intentional life

Living in a world where everything seems to be in a rush, stress governs people’s lives and material items are the only escape from reality is saddening. This is the reason why many people started to turn their faces towards things that truly matter. Stepping away from the idea that happiness could be achieved through material items and focusing more on our personal self, on social interconnections, on chasing our deepest dreams and desires is the first step in the long process of living an intentional life. The art of pursuing less can only be mastered by those who are willing to change their habits, to change the way they think, the way they live. Here are some tips on how to stop the habit of buying things without actually needing them:

Making your home look great

Your home is the space in which you spend most of the time. You need to make it look and feel as good as possible. Clutter is the biggest enemy of living an intentional life, so decide what you really need to keep in your house and take all the other items to a storage unit. You can search for storage units Victoria on Google and you will surely find one that is nearby. The first time you will get rid of objects it will seem difficult and you might tend to still keep things that you don’t actually use. You need to find the strength to put these things away and focus on the items you use on a daily basis.

Know when to say no

Clutter can be present in your mind too, not only in your surroundings. This is why you need to learn how to refuse. When you say yes to everything, even though you know you don’t have the time or resources to do what you planned in a comfortable manner, you are draining yourself. You have to learn how to set priorities. Say yes only to the things you truly enjoy doing or to things that are paramount in your life. Apply the same rules when buying new items when shopping. 

Practice gratitude and mindfulness

Gratitude and mindfulness should be on your list at all times. Practicing gratitude will seem difficult at first if you never tried to express how grateful you are for the small things in your life. There are books that you can read in order to master gratitude and mindfulness, as well as habit tracker apps that can help you with developing a habit.

Unplug from technology from time to time

Technology can be very distracting. This is the reason why you should take breaks from using it. Put your phone aside and simply enjoy a good book and a cup of tea, meditate in nature or other similar activities that don’t involve watching a screen. Reconnecting with nature is the easiest way to rewind and start fresh.