Extreme heat and lawns – Pro care tips

With the hot, torrid summer days approaching fast, a handy guide on how to care properly for your lawn might be necessary. Especially in arid areas, this might come as a challenge. While many refrain from hiring professional lawn care services, others find in them the perfect solution for their spot of greenery. This company offering landscaping Arlington TX services succeeded in creating perfect courtyard systems that please greatly their clients. Also, below you can find some professional tips on how to take care of your lawn properly during hot summers.

How low you cut your grass counts greatly

Many think that by cutting the grass shorter during summer. However, owners and commercial lawn caretakers must consider the fact that by cutting it too short they will prevent the grass to grow healthy, due to the reduced ability to produce the necessary energy for this purpose. Specialists offering superior lawn care services remind us we should not cut too shortly our lawns, if we want perfect and green yards. A great rule would be to cut a little longer the grass than how you normally would. Let’s say that in other seasons you cut it at 2.5 inches. Try to cut it at 3 inches during arid summers, so it maintains a perfect, not patchy look. By letting more tissue to it, you make sure you propagate its growth and health.

Don’t overwater it

This is a common misconception we all have. That in extreme heat, we must provide a higher water intake to our grass and greenery. However, this is a great mistake many to manage their gardens by. Grass and microorganisms found in soil are easier to manage in dry environments rather than in very humid ones. By increasing the number of microorganisms, which happens in humid conditions, you expose your lawn to potential diseases. By over watering your grass you also succeed to suffocate the roots and in no scenario, this is good thing to do.

Sharp blades keep your grass healthy

When you are cutting the grass with sharp blades, it will heal faster; therefore, it won’t become patchy and dry. Although many don’t think much about their blades, they do count a lot when it comes to having a perfect lawn.

Don’t even think about fertilizing your lawn during summer

Although it might seem a great idea, it isn’t. You might want what it’s best for your little patch of grass, but fertilizing is not appropriate in hot summer days. You will only succeed in stressing your lawn to grow, which will make it weak in the autumn and winter. Avoid this simple thing and your lawn should be just perfect.

If you don’t succeed in managing your lawn all by yourself, consider hiring professional services, since all the employees there have plenty of experience as well as theoretical knowledge on how to deal with lawn in extreme weather conditions. Also, they practiced it quite a lot, which makes them perfect for such tasks.