Everything should be in sync when you design around the fireplace

With the winter settled in, there is no better way to spend your time than staying indoors. You can make the most of your time if you have a fireplace installed in one of your rooms. People usually install the fireplace in the living room or bedroom. If you like to organise and host social gatherings, then the living room is the perfect choice, when it comes to its location. Why do people love fireplaces? First, because they bring warmth to the space. Second, because they create a focal point around which you can design. If you are working with a white canvas, and you want to install the fireplace in the centre of the room and design around it, then you should expect this process to be a little difficult. The key to a balanced look is to have the other items perfectly placed.

Embrace Feng Shui

If you want to create a zen atmosphere in your living room, you need to find a balance between the flow of the energy in the room, and the arrangement of the furniture items. When you choose the items that will complete the design around the log burner, you will have to keep in mind the symmetry of the space. The face of the sofa should be oriented towards the fireplace. Go with contemporary furniture, because its soft surfaces and neutral colours are perfect for creating a zen place.

Place the furniture at a safe distance

Safety is crucial. Keep a safe distance between the furniture and fireplace; everything should be placed at around three feet away from the wood fireplace. Use a glass door or screen to protect the furniture from the popping embers. Keep in mind that the heat produced by the fire can damage the furniture, keep the rugs and upholstered seatings an arm’s length away from the burner.

Minimalist design is hot

Do not hide the fireplace with the furniture items. Go modern. A minimalist fireplace works great with functional furniture items. Place the sofa in front of the fireplace, choose a simple coffee table to accessorise it, and add some lounge chairs to enhance the design. The minimalist design is perfect for a small space like an apartment or condo.

Go bold choose an angled fireplace

If you need a challenge when decorating the house, then you should install an angled fireplace. This model of burner helps you get the most of your space, and it brings a unique type of style to the space. With this type of fireplace, you will have to stay away from large furniture items, or plush made ones. Modern furniture items are perfect for designing around the burner. Also, angled fireplaces do not go well with dark-coloured furniture, you will have to work with greys and whites.

The furniture items are only part of the design of the room, you will also have to add accessories to make the space look complete. Install a television to offer a functional side to the space. Do not leave the wires at sight. Hide them in the walls. Use bricks to decorate the space surrounding the fireplace, and to add a touch of wow to the room.