Essentials you should know about safe tarping

Maybe one of the most dangerous tasks you found yourself in as a professional driver is tarping. Generally, tarps are made from fabrics that are not so flexible, not to mention the fact that most frequently, loads are uneven and hard to work with. However, high quality tarps can make this task easier. Mytee Products tarps, for example, are made from good quality fabrics and are a lot easier to work with. In order to make your tarping tasks easier, we made a list of essentials you should always have in mind.

  1. Choose the right safety equipment

In order to be able to safely install a tarp you have to be familiar with the process and the equipment. On regular basis, drivers are also trained in this matters. First of all, you must be familiar with the products you are transporting. Because the load comes in different and irregular shapes and materials, drivers should be aware that safely securing them could be a challenge. Chains and cords must be installed carefully and replaced during the transportation in order to keep them and the products safe. In order to be protected in case of falling, you should always wear special helmets and secure yourself with all the fall protection equipment available. Also, if your employer does not provide such equipment, specifically ask for it. This way you avoid hurting your back during a fall. Also, be aware of other dangers when fixing your tarps on the way. Traffic conditions should be on the top of the list, as well as the weather conditions. Ice and wind can cause a nasty fall. Avoid climbing on a flatbed, especially in this kind of weather conditions.

2. Choose high quality flatbed tarps and accessories

If you want to avoid to reinstall a flatbed on transportation, you have to make sure the flatbed is high-quality and has a good resistance on bad weather conditions. Rubber ropes and some good hooks are important, therefore, invest in natural rubber cords. Buy some corner protectors in order to prevent your tarps to break due to the friction with sharp metal corners. Trap straps to prevent your products from falling are another important aspect when buying this kid of items.

These are some pieces of advice in order to keep you safe in the transportation process and when you have to replace or to redo your tarps. Keep in mind the bad weather and climbing on top of flatbed tarps are the main causes of back injuries in professional drivers. Avoid that when you can and try to always wear adequate safety equipment. If the employer is not willing to provide such equipment for you, remind them that injuries at work might cost them more than providing the equipment itself. Never rush and stick to the schedule. Rush is another cause of flatbed traps falls and you do not want to take a chance. Also, if possible, ask for special safety training at work. Drive safe and be safe!