Does the 2017 BMW x5 make a good family vehicle?

Buying a car is already a though decision, but when you are looking for a vehicle suitable for the family, the choice becomes even harder. If you are looking for the best option, one model that you might not take into account, but definitely should is the 2017 BMW x5. Although BMWs are mostly known for their powerful engines and their luxurious design, the new X55 model can also be extremely practical and suitable as a family ride. The following characteristics are the ones that make this car a great choice for you and your family:

Comfortable and spacious cabin

Comfort and space are probably main factors of decision, when buying a family car, and the new X5 has them both. The seats can be moved 3 inches back and forth, being an extremely convenient aspect for long rides. Because the seats have screens in front of them (luxurious, right?), they are also designed to give passengers that perfect view. The cabin is also sufficiently spacious, and the cargo area is more than enough for any travel baggage you might have. Luxury and comfort do not always go hand in hand, but in this situation, both are present.

Great safety ratings

When it comes to safety, the ratings of this BMW model are impressive. Once you begin researching the car’s level of security, you will find out that it has received five out of five safety stars due to its forward collision mitigation system, and performance during crash tests. You know you and your family will be traveling safely at all times.

Large range of optional features

If you will be buying this car new, you will find out that there are quite a few great features you have the possibility of adding, depending on your preferences. Keyless ignition, back up camera, hands free entry and  four zone climate control are only a few of the long list of optional features you can include, which will make your driving experience even more pleasant.

As you can see, besides having that luxurious design which you probably love, the BMW x5 can actually make a good choice for a family car as well. With an interior that excels in comfort and space, and amazing security perks, this model is most certainly worth the hype. And if you have never driven a model of this kind before, you will certainly find the experience more than enjoyable.