Crooked teeth – how this oral issue impacts your health

When hearing of crooked teeth people think that it is an oral condition that affects only their look, but  sometimes it can to other health problems. Some people are suffering from oral problem, sometimes their mouth is too small for their teeth, and because the teeth do not have space to grow, they become crowded. Other situation is when the lower and upper jaws are malformed, or are not the same size, and this can lead to an under bite or overbite. In case you experience this issues, you should contact an experienced dentist for fixing crooked teeth,

It can lower your self-esteem

You might not know it, but when you smile you improve your cognitive ability and you lower your stress. When you have crooked teeth, you will not be confident to smile and this can lead to lower self-esteem.

It causes bad breath

You should know that the as any other oral condition, this one has as side effect bad breath. You will not be able to eradicate the mouth bacteria that is found between your crooked teeth and this would lead to bad breath, which can affect your social life.

It leads to gum disease

A common impact of crooked teeth is gum disease. Bacteria can form into your plaque, as you are not able to clean them properly.  Ask for professional help as soon as possible.

It affects your daily living

When you suffer from crooked teeth, a regular toothbrush,  and flossing might not be adequate. The toothbrush will not reach the crannies and nooks between your crooked teeth and it would allow bacteria to grow. Also, you will find difficult to chew, because there are situations when crooked teeth are the result of malformed jaws. As you notice crooked teeth have a negative impact on your overall health, so you should consider fixing them.