Cheapest Exotic Holiday Destinations

If you are tired of crowded cities, traffic and expensive foods in your city you must know that there are places in the world where you can live decently with only a few hundred dollars. The cheapest places in which you live are also the most beautiful and exotic destinations. Read this article if you want to find out which are the cheapest exotic holiday destinations in the world.


If you are on a budget but you want to travel with your friends in an exotic country, Uruguay is the best place to visit. A wonderful holiday in Uruguay this year can cost less than you would imagine if you book your stay in advance! Uruguay has a lot of tourist attractions and beaches that are available for everyone who wants to tan and practice their favorite water sport activities.


A holiday in an Asian country is a dream that many people can achieve it it, fortunately holidays in Taiwan, especially in Taipei are cheap enough to allow you to have fun without major financial efforts. There you will find cheap yet delicious food, accommodation and transportation cheaper than in many parts of the world, but make sure to visit the temples, museums and other attractions that are considered unique.


If you want to see a city that is lush and full of plenty of incredible buildings like skyscrapers and buildings like the ones in SF movies, this is the place you should choose! Do not worry that the city looks ultra-modern because in reality, beyond appearances, prices of tourist services are quite low and the delicious street food can make your holiday much cheaper than what you imagine when you see the magnificent city.


Thailand attracts tourists more than any other country in Southeast Asia. This is due to the combination of irresistible beauty of the landscape, Buddhist temples and breathtaking landscapes. Here you can spend a an amazing holiday without spending a fortune because if Thailand offers cheap accommodations and food. You can enjoy visiting the most popular attractions in the country while tasting culinary delights and go shopping for clothes and items that have low prices.


To fully enjoy the sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise water and cliffs, you should definitely try to visit the Philippines for at least once in your lifetime. In the Philippines there are plenty of places where you can pay only a few dollars for accommodation and meals.