Career Advice for College Graduates

Every year, a new batch of college graduates goes hunting for jobs. But the first job that you take after you get your diploma has to be perfect for you to have a great start in your grown-up life. If you are a college graduate yourself and you’re looking for career advice to help you find that perfect job, read the following lines.

Choose what you love doing, not what pays more

A mistake that a lot of people make is to go for the higher paying domains and jobs instead of choosing to do something that they actually love. When you look for a job, it’s better to consider what you like and what you consider to be a passion or a hobby, and make a career out of that. If you actually love what you do, you will work at improving yourself and advancing without putting a lot of effort in it. Also, you will go to your job out of pleasure, not just for the money. When you do something you love, nothing can stop you and you’ll rise in ranks without even realizing it. Therefore, don’t make the issue of money your main purpose when you get hired, but rather put your happiness first.

Be fully prepared for the interview

When you look for a job, you have to be prepared to go to a lot of different interviews. Before you go to a certain interview, do your research on the overall industry and on the company itself. This will enable you to ask smart questions regarding the future of the company and industry. The interviewer will appreciate the effort that you put into preparing for the interview and he will view you as a serious and involved person. Also, make sure to inform yourself as much as you can on what the job requires you to do. After all, you have to prove that you’re the best candidate for that job, and there’s no better way than to be prepared for any questions that they might ask you.

Pay attention to the boss you’ll have

No one else has a greater influence on your career than your boss. That’s the reason why you have to pay attention to the boss that you will have during the interview. Make sure he is a person that you like and that you’re comfortable around him to ensure that there won’t be any unpleasant incidents after you get hired. If you work for a person you like and respect, you will do it out of pleasure. This means that your results will be better and that you won’t come to work stressed and unhappy.

Ask for more responsabilities

Once you get hired at your dream job, it’s time to talk about what you have to do to get ahead. When you are given a task and you finish it, don’t wait around for your supervisor, team leader, or boss to tell you what you have to do. Go to that person and ask him for a new task yourself. If you ask for more responsibility, your boss will notice how hard working and devoted you are. This will open a lot of opportunities for you in your career at that workplace. Also, it’s not a cheap tactic in which you have to deceive or run over colleagues to get the attention of the higher ups. It’s something for which everyone else will admire you for sure.