Best Devices for a Cleaner Home

A clean home used to mean sacrificed time to keep it that way. But, thankfully, due to the advancement of home cleaning devices, now it’s easier than ever to maintain a clean home with little effort. Therefore, if you want to find out what are the best devices for a cleaner home, read the following lines.

Bobsweep bObi robot vacuum

This robotic vacuum cleaner will help keep your floors clean with minimum effort. It costs about $700. The great thing about it is that it can run for 2 hours, being ideal even for a large home. Most robotic vacuum cleaners can run for a maximum of 60 minutes on a full charge. Moreover, if it does run out of power, this device will recharge itself. It has some special filters that allow it to clean all types of debris. Unlike most similar devices that only vacuum, the bobsweep bobi robot vacuum can also mop and sterilize the floors, being great for people who have babies that just started crawling.

Alen BreatheSmart

To maintain a clean home, you have to ensure that the air indoors is clean as well. With the help of the Alen BreatheSmart air purifier you and your family members will breathe clean, decontaminated air when you’re at home. It only costs $600. It’s perfect for rooms that are up to 1100 square feet in size. You can have it in any of the 14 color options to fit the decor of the room that you want to place the unit in. It comes with an outstanding lifetime warranty. It uses 4 HEPA filters to provide with impressive results in filtering and purifying the air inside your home. The smart sensors of the Alen BreatheSmart automatically adjust to your changing environment.


One of the most annoying chores is to keep the windows clean. If you buy the WINBOT W930 window cleaning robot for the price of $500, this chore will be a bad dream of the past. It can calculate the shortest cleaning route to provide with the best results in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s designed to clean mirrors, doors, framed glass windows, or similar surfaces. The 4-sided cleaning system of the W930 ensures complete converage, reaching the corners as well. In addition, it uses washable and reusable microfiber cleaning pads to eliminate the need for messy paper towels, a fact that makes it Eco-friendly as well.

Keystone KSTAD70B

To make sure that you have a clean home, you have to protect it from mold and mildew. You can effectively keep a normal level of humidity to not favor the appearance of mold and mildew by using the Keystone KSTAD70B dehumidifier. It only costs $200 and it can handle an area of up to 3800 square feet. It removes 70 pints of moisture over a period of 24 hours. It removes the need for guesswork when it comes to replacing the filter due to the fact that it alerts you when the filter needs to be changed. It has a 24-hour timer that allows you to control the duration of the unit’s operation. Also, it’s certified by EnergyStar, therefore, the unit is energy efficient as well.