Bedroom decorating – shabby chic style

Lately everyone seems to love the shabby chic style. There are more than 20 years since the term was defined, and the style is still considered one of the most popular ones. If you are looking for inspiration to decorate your bedroom, then you should check the features of the shabby chic style, because there are great chances you to like it. If you have no idea what this style implies then you should know that it combines antique furniture items with an eclectic style and with feminine colours. There are people who refer to it as vintage chic style. Interior designers state that this style makes people feel comfortable and relaxed and this is the main reason it is used when it comes to decorating a bedroom. If you want to step in a dreamy room when you get home from work, then this style is affordable to achieve. At its base this style includes antique furniture items, and this means that you can easily find the things you want in a flea market.

Make sure your bedroom does not look sloppy

Shabby chic style is based on pastel colours, so you will have to paint the room in white. For a fashionable effect you can mix a brighter white with other shades of whites. The majority of bedrooms decorated according to this style are painted in light roses, blues and greens. Interior designers state that people should pay extra attention when they want to decorate their house in a shabby chic design because there is a fine line between an undone room and a space that looks comfortable and cosy. When it comes to furniture it is advisable to invest in items that look a bit formal. This style implies using slavaged furniture, but you have to make sure that the pieces are not too distressed because they will make the room look cheap.

Reuse items where you can

Shabby chic style relies on reusing items, so if you like certain furniture items, but they are no longer looking good, you should restore them. You can give a new life to everything old. You have the possibility to use items your grandmother offered you, because they will look perfect in the bedroom. Flea markets are the right space to check if you want to decorate your room with unique articles.  

Matching items is not mandatory for shabby chic

Shabby chic style focuses on putting in the same room items that complement each other. So you will not have to check for nightstands, headboards and dressers that are part of the same set. You can use an antique vanity table, a side table and an old armoire if they complement each other. When it comes to this style the rule is to not place two matching items in the same room. You can choose items that are part of the same colour scheme. If you want to include pink in your room, you should alternate it with complementary shades as sage, for a plus of style. If you want to make the bedroom look more feminine then you should include in the design of the room some floral decorations.