A car that has it all – Kia Sportage


When you want to buy a car you  know how difficult it is to choose the right one, to decide in general. This is the reason why you should be well-informed about the features and specifications of each of your option and make the choice after you compare all your preferences. Buying a car is no easy deal, considering the amount of money implied, but you can also opt out for used cars that can give you the same exact performance as you were going to obtain if you bought a new car. Consider this in case you are under a budget but still desire a certain level of performance and looks in your car. Edmunds recommends Kia Sportage for any person who wants to enjoy driving at its best. Here are a few of its specs that will surely convince you that it is a complete car that includes everything you can wish for.

Power and looks

The Kia Sportage comes in four-doors and has space for five passengers which makes it both a family car and a sporty-looking one. The 2.4 litre engine with four cylinders can reach up to 190 horsepower and the car is also equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission which will make the best driving experience for people who love power and good looks in the same time. The engine also rocks a gasoline direct injection type of fuel system so you can obtain the maximum power in the shortest time. The engine type is regular unleaded in L-4. If you are a fan of sports car you should know that the transmission of the new Kia Sportage includes sportmatic shifting for the smoothest ride ever.

Entertainment and safety

Besides the classic integrated roof antenna and the performant radio system, Kia Sportage comes with a 5-inch touchscreen display that is 160-watts powerful and is equipped with a performant Bluetooth system and numerous auxiliary input jacks to be compatible with all kinds of devices. The comfortable folding bench in the back suits well the front bucket seats with qualitative materials. The gauges are the same that Kia used its users with and the remote keyless entry couldn’t be out of this perfect image. Cruise control is much improved in the Sportage so you won’t have to worry about your steering wheel anymore. Besides that, you can enjoy a brand new illuminated glove box together with the rest of the features.