4 workplace security measures to implement right now

Generally speaking, people spend thirteen years and two months of their lives at work. If you take into account the overtime, it’s another year and two months. As you can see, your employees spend a great deal of time working in. focusing on workplace safety is your way of showing them that you care about their wellbeing. Each and every person that leaves their home should come to a safe, productive environment. Since maintaining workplace safety is your responsibility, make sure to implement the following measures. The difference will be noticeable.

Keep entrances and exits secure

The fact that entrances and exits are the weakest points of the building shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s difficult if not impossible to control who comes in and out. Install combination door locks. These types of locks work similar to home safe, in the sense that you must enter a code to gain access. The security infrastructure matters too. It’s recommended to install gates and fences. They will prevent unwanted access to the workplace, especially if you have a building with plenty of outdoor space. Your employees can safely walk over to their car and go home. 

Have employees wear name tags

By wearing navneskilt bedrift, the people in your company will be able to recognize one another. Besides the fact that there is no room for error, there won’t be strangers in the building. It’s easier to monitor individuals and determine who is supposed to be in the building. People who don’t work in the building, will obviously not have access and it will be necessary to report to reception and get a visitor’s badge. This is just as important as sikkerhet og forsegling. Taking performance measurements is the key to maintaining safety and productivity. Now that you understand the importance of a tag system, don’t waste any more time and order some nametags. 

Install a surveillance system

If you have a reliable surveillance system in place, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant situations such as break-ins or stolen assets. A CCTV system isn’t expensive, but it can make a real difference in terms of safety. Make sure that it features facial recognition technology. The footage will stay on your computer for as long as you need. Not only will the surveillance camera deter theft and crime, but also it will reduce insurance costs. Imagine the following situation: someone manages to sneak into the building and steal personal belongings, along with office equipment. You can use the camera footage as proof.

Limit employee access control

It’s not a good idea to let employees access company data. To be more precise, there should be a selection of workers who can access company information, based on their role within the organization. More and more professionals understand the importance of increasing protection against theft and, in particular, cybercriminals. Control the way that data moves on premises and enforce access control, no matter how difficult it may be. In addition to brand protection, consider sikkerhetsetiketter. They are great to have in environments with low security measures.